Mission Statement

Speaking up about things I care about, asking questions that should be asked, trying to give answers. And movies. I'm trying to maintain a routine of movie/something else/movie etc.

There are some meta-series that appear semi-regularly:

This 40s/50s/60s/70s/80s/90s Movie: I look at a movie from a certain era to see how this era is reflected in it.

Did I Like This?: I look at 80s and 90s gangsta rap albums I listened to as a teenager to see how they hold up.

Comics Are For Everyone: I talk about specific comics.

Book Report: I talk about specific books.

Music Box: I talk about some albums I really like.

You Belong on the Radio: I analyze the lyrics of popular songs that are on the charts.

Our Life Is a Movie: I analyze some of my favorite movies.

Inventing the Child: I look at the content of children's books.

Poster of a Girl: I analyze movie posters.